Project Phillip Island

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Set on a windswept hillside overlooking Bass Strait sits a modular home that allows the epic coastal location to be experienced in all its many states.

The project evolved from a pragmatic response to the challenges of occupying an exposed coastal site. Winds, often extreme, shaped the design with the house acting as a barrier and protecting the external courtyard tucked in behind.

Important to the design was the organisation of internal and external living spaces to ensure they provide shelter at different times of the day and year while still allowing the amazing views to be experienced from within. 

Mysterious Mask House

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Gloomy, ominous and mysterious. These are a few of the words that spring to mind when viewing images of the Mask House.

Envisioned by WOJR, the secluded cabin has been conceptualized as a space of refuge and contemplation. A place of seclusion, peace and tranquillity that “removes one from the world of the everyday”.

Things We Love: Lumil Light

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Our Brooklyn display suite showcases the innovation, quality and high level of finish we produce in all of our modular homes. No display suite would be complete without a contemporary mix of furnishing and accessories, so we’re constantly on the look out for seriously cool stuff that embodies our design style.  And whenever we come across a beautifully sleek product like this, we sit up and take notice – which is what we did when we stumbled on Lumil.

Launched earlier this year, Lumil is a Melbourne-based design studio and lighting brand fronted by Luke Mills. Characterised by a focus on function, Lumil works with like-minded creators to explore manufacturing techniques and contemporary design. The result is beautiful objects that inspire and complement the spaces they inhabit. 

Using Solar Blinds For A More Sustainable Home

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Although solar power is becoming more and more accessible for households, they can entirely impractical if you don’t own your own home or if you live in an apartment building. With this common problem in mind SolarGaps is the smart solution for those who can’t install a full rooftop solar system, but want to harness solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and their household energy bills and have a more sustainable house

Living Cities Forum 2017

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Join the international design discussion about livability in Melbourne next month when the Living Cities Forum comes to town. Melbourne’s 6 year place atop the Economist’s Global Liveability Ranking makes it an obvious choice of host for this event.

Despite Melbourne’s aforementioned ranking the forum is designed to take a deeper and more critical look past the considerations of the liveability equation to answer the question: what visionary thinking is required to sustain the urban attributes that make Melbourne arguably “the most liveable city”? 

Miniature Modular Homes

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We’ve found 3D printed models to be a powerful tool to communicate and develop design ideas with our clients.

The models stimulate conversation and debate, which facilitates the design development process. Crucial lessons can be learnt through the testing of ideas in a miniature format.

On occasions when floorplans and technical drawings can be difficult to understand, a 3D model makes the design more tangible. In turn, the increased level of client understanding allows for design changes to be incorporated at the early stages, saving time and money.

Below are some 3D printed models of upcoming modular homes that are currently in progress. 

Manufactured in Melbourne – delivered nationwide. We can build by the ocean, in the bush and in cyclone prone areas

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From the windy Great Ocean Road to the sandy beaches of Cottesloe, from the picturesque Blue Mountains to the remote outback in the Northern Territory – we can build almost anywhere in Australia.

Building with modules allows us to easily transport our homes all across Australia. Made from fully-welded structural steel frames, the modules can be combined to create almost any shape or design.

Our modular homes are precision built and finished here in our factory in Brooklyn, Melbourne prior to them being delivered to site. Thanks to the rigidity and strength of the steel frame we are able to transport our modules with all internal works such as painting, tiling and joinery complete. 

Wearable Technology – World’s First Colour-Changing Graphene Dress

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In recent years, the fashion industry has been experimenting with wearable technology (see Solar panels go Couture), blurring the boundaries between textiles and tech. The little black dress is one such garment that has received a hi-tech revamp, being christened the world’s first graphene dress.

So what is graphene and what makes this dress so amazing?

Graphene is a super-thin “wonder material” scientists think could revolutionise every aspect of human life. It is just one atom thick and a million times thinner than human hair, it is 200 times stronger than steel and conducts electricity better than anything else known to man. 

How Modular Can Help in the Urban Housing Crisis

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There is much debate in the news lately about the effectiveness of extending the Melbourne urban border and creating new suburbs to overcome Melbourne’s housing affordability and availability challenges.

Some of a recent suite of changes to make housing more affordable will see the Government introduce a new tax levied 1 per cent on vacant residential property, with the hope of pushing property holders to empty properties rather than pay the tax.