Turn of the tide

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This Barwon Heads holiday modular home showcases the core ingredients of a Modscape creation: a fusion of innovation, passive solar design and minimalistic aesthetic detail. Featuring two upper levels that embrace panoramic views of the Barwon River and a flexible floor plan that allows easy access from the outside in, this riverside refuge offers an experience of the coastal setting beyond mere accommodation.

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Winchelsea – A Sustainable House Project

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Designed to function completely independently, our Winchelsea project incorporates a range of sustainable site services that enable it to operate totally “off-grid”.

Solar hot water, a Biolytic plumbing system for waste water, rainwater tanks and double glazed windows all support thoughtful design and thoroughly considered site orientation to achieve a truly sustainable house.

Project Flinders

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This holiday modular home, located in Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, is only metres from the beach.

Designed to meet the needs of a young family, in this sustainable house we placed a strong focus on the integration of the internal communal spaces with the natural beauty of the outdoors.