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Modscape FAQS


Can I design my own Modscape home?

Where can I see your houses?

What materials do you use to construct your homes?

What heating and cooling options do I have?

Can I choose the finishes for my Modscape home?

What is the standard ceiling height of your modules?

What is the standard size of your modules?

How much commercial work does Modscape do?

Can I add to my Modscape home in the future?


How long will it take to build and install my Modscape home?

Can I relocate my Modscape home?

Is a Modscape home suitable for extreme climatic conditions i.e. alpine/desert regions?

Do I need to have my site specially prepared?

What is the energy star rating of your modules?

How is my Modscape home so much better for the environment than other homes?

What are screw piles?

Will my project require a crane for installation?

How do you ensure your homes aren’t damaged when they are being transported?

Do I need to arrange for services to be connected to my Modscape home?

How are the modules connected on site?

Can I have a Modscape home in a remote location?

Are Modscape homes suitable for sloping sites?


How does Modscape manage interstate projects?

Can Modscape do complete Project Management?

Do I need a soil report?

Can Modscape homes comply with Bushfire regulations?

Do Modscape homes meet Cyclone Building codes?

Can Modscape assist with the process of subdivision?

Do I have to apply for a Building Permit?

Can Modscape obtain a Planning Permit for me?

Will I need a Planning Permit?


How much will I save in running costs by choosing a Modscape home?

How much extra would it cost to have solar panels?

Are Modscape homes eligible for the 1st Home Buyers grant?

What is the cost of a crane?

What is the cost of transportation?

What guarantees and warranties will I get with my Modscape home?

How is your pricing structured?