The Modscape Process

Call us or send an enquiry via our website with your initial enquiries.

Visit our display suite in Brooklyn for an introduction to our modular building solutions. We’re open from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays by appointment.

Talk with our team about your ideas and the way Modscape approaches design and construction, as well as the costs and benefits of a Modscape solution.

Take a look at other construction options and work out if a Modscape solution is something you’d like to explore further.

Contact us again to make a time for a Project Consultation to discuss your project in more detail.




Meet with our design team to discuss your project brief. This is the time to bring in as much information relating to your site and your project requirements as you can — photos, surveys, site plans and design ideas are all useful. We will explore different options for your property and provide advice on planning requirements and logistical solutions, design options and estimated costs.

Site Inspection Request
When you’ve had time to consider your options, you’re ready for the next step. Fill in the Site Inspection Request form and forward with payment of the site inspection fee. We will then schedule a mutually convenient time to meet you at your site.




Site visit
Your site inspection will take place 2-3 weeks from receipt of your request. It enables our design team to fully assess council requirements, access, orientation, and design and siting options, thus ensuring you receive the design that best integrates with your site.

Project Proposal
Following the site inspection you will be provided with a Modscape Project Proposal.
This includes:

  • i. Project brief
  • ii. Property report
  • iii. Sun path diagram
  • iv. Proposed design concept
  • v. Detailed concept costing
  • vi. Standard inclusions & options
  • vii. Summary of external consultant reports required and estimated costs involved
  • viii. The next step

Authority to Proceed
Included within the Project Proposal is an explanation of the next steps. This will include the Authority to Proceed which commits Modscape to the design and planning phase of your project. Fill in the Authority to Proceed and Modscape will commence work on your project.

Site Inspection Request fees:

  • $5000 (VIC)
  • $6000 (SA, NSW, TAS)
  • $7000 (WA, NT, QLD)

Fees are inclusive of GST and travel costs for two of our Modscape design team.


Design development
Modscape will engage the consultants specified in your Project Proposal in order to commission the relevant surveys, assessments and reports required for design development, approvals and permits. Design development commences as soon as all relevant reports are obtained.

Planning, reports and approvals
If your project requires a planning permit, either Modscape can undertake the process of obtaining this on your behalf or you can undertake this process yourself. Planning approvals generally take a minimum of 3 months.

Modscape prepare and issue a HIA contract specifying the scope of works and all inclusions and exclusions. Once the contract is signed and the 5% deposit is received, your project is ready to proceed.

Detailed documentation
Detailed drawings are prepared for both building permit and construction purposes. This is the time you will choose finishes and this stage usually takes around 4 weeks.

Building permit
On receipt of the planning permit (if required), Modscape will arrange a building permit using our building surveyor. This process generally takes around 2 weeks.

Your project is booked into our factory program.


  • Consultant costs (if applicable)
  • Planning fee (if applicable)
  • Deposit to the value of 5% of contract sum



Our construction process involves 4 stages – see “Invest” below – and takes place in our Brooklyn facility over a 12 week timeframe.

Call into our factory to see your house any time during the construction phase.

Site works
The Modscape installation team will set out and install the screw pile footing system at your site 2-3 weeks prior to your modules arriving. This step is usually completed in 1 day.

Modscape can co-ordinate any site works required on your behalf, or you may wish to make these arrangements yourself. Either way, site services such as power & water will need to be installed ready for the house to be connected to prior to delivery.

Before your home leaves our factory, we ask you to jointly undertake a full inspection of your home. Once you have signed off on this stage, we are ready to install your home!


  • i) 10% of contract sum for the base stage (steel frame)
  • ii) 15% of contract sum for frame stage (shell)
  • iii) 35% of contract sum for lock-up stage
  • iv) 25% of contract sum for the fixing stage



Modscape arrange trucks to transport the modules to your site.

Our installation team will be on site before the trucks arrive and the installation of your home will typically be completed the same day.

Handover & Final Payment
A final inspection after the home is installed is undertaken jointly by Modscape and the client. Once you have signed off on the project and made your final progress payment we can give you the keys to your new home!

Additional site services
Additional site works such as driveways, landscaping etc. can be arranged by Modscape for a fee.

The building surveyor is provided with compliance certificates from client sub-contractors or Modscape contractors, and a certificate of occupancy issued.

Your final progress payment is 10% of the contract sum.