The Modscape Process


The first step when considering a Modscape home is to establish if a modular solution meets your design and construction needs.

At Modscape, the design possibilities are flexible and endless. So whichever way you’ve imagined your home to look, we’ll be able to make it a reality.

With expert help from our in-house architectural and creative teams, you can create the type of bespoke home that dreams are made of.

Browse our projects and see the types of homes we’ve brought to life through prefabricated modular construction. Have a look at our FAQs on modular construction.

Call us on 9314 7769. Have a chat to our team about your project and how a Modscape home could work for you.

Email your questions and we’ll get back to you with the answers you need to progress your design and construction investigations to the next step. You can fill in an enquiry form here.

Visit us in Brooklyn and see our modular display suite and the factory where all of the prefabricated magic happens. We’re open from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday and Saturdays by appointment.





The second step in the Modscape process is to meet with our design team to discuss your brief in more detail.

We will explore different options for your property and provide advice on planning requirements, logistics, design options and estimated costs.

To make the most of your time with our team, please bring in as much information related to your site and your project requirements as you can, including any:

  • Photos
  • Surveys
  • Site Plans
  • Design ideas





Once you’ve had your project consultation with our team, the next step is to get them out to your site.

A site inspection enables our design team to fully assess council requirements, access, orientation, design and siting options.

Equipped with this information, they can work on a modular design that best integrates with your site.

Following our visit to your site, we’ll provide you with a detailed project proposal.

The proposal is informed by our site assessment and planning assessment and includes design concepts and costings.

Our unique method of modular construction allows us to provide fixed prices so there are no cost overruns or budget blowouts.

A Modscape Project Proposal includes:

  • Project brief
  • Property report
  • Sun path analysis
  • Proposed design concepts
  • Detailed concept costing
  • Standard Modscape specifications & options
  • Summary of external consultant reports required and estimated costs involved
  • Next steps


  • $5000 (VIC)
  • $6000 (SA, NSW, ACT, TAS)
  • $7000 (WA, NT, QLD)

Fees are inclusive of GST and travel costs for two of our Modscape design team.
+ cost of Site Survey




Following the presentation of proposed design concepts, our design team will work with you to further develop and refine your concept design, ensuring it meets your needs and budget and delivers you your dream home.

If your project requires a planning permit, Modscape can undertake the process of obtaining this on your behalf. Alternatively you may wish to undertake this process yourself.

Modscape can commission the relevant surveys, assessments and reports that are required to obtain the planning permit through council.

Planning approvals generally take a minimum of 3 months depending on your council, but often takes longer.

The investment for planning is highly dependent on the reports required by Council and the consultants we may need to engage. The cost for Modscape to prepare the drawings required for the Planning Application is typically between $5-15k.


If planning permit is required:

  • Design and documentation fee to prepare drawings required for the planning application.
  • Any additional consultant costs that may be required for your site.

If planning permit is not required: Nil




Once the planning permit has been received OR if planning is not required, then detailed drawings are prepared by our design and drafting team for both building permit and construction purposes. This is the time to choose your fixtures and finishes and finalise any site works that are required.

Modscape will arrange a building permit using our building surveyor. We will also arrange the energy report and any other project specific reports using external consultants.

$10,000 Note – this will be deducted from the 5% deposit payable at the time of entering into the contract.

+ Any additional consultant costs that may be required for your site.




We’ll then prepare a Housing Industry Association contract for you specifying the scope of works and all inclusions and exclusions. Once the contract is signed and the 5% deposit is received, your project is ready to proceed.

Deposit to the value of 5% of contract sum less $10,000 fee paid for Stage 5




Construction of your home takes place in our Brooklyn facility over a 12 week timeframe and is completed in four stages:

  1. Base stage – construction of the steel frame
  2. Frame stage – construction of the shell
  3. Lock-up stage
  4. Fixing stage

You are welcome to call into our factory to see the progress on your home at any time during the construction phase.

Approximately two to three weeks prior to your modules being completed, the Modscape team will spend a day setting out and installing the screw pile footing system at your site.

Site services like power and water will need to be installed and ready for your home to be connected to prior to delivery. We are happy to co-ordinate any of the site works required on your behalf, or you may wish to make these arrangements yourself.

Before your home leaves our factory, we invite you out to undertake a full inspection to make sure you are happy with everything prior to installation.


  • 10% of contract sum for the base stage
  • 15% of contract sum for frame stage
  • 35% of contract sum for lock-up stage
  • 25% of contract sum for the fixing stage




When the construction of your home is complete, we will arrange trucks to transport the modules to your site.

Our installation team will be on site before the trucks arrive and the installation of your home will typically be completed the same day.

A final inspection after your home is installed is undertaken by us and by you. The building surveyor is then provided with compliance certificates from client sub-contractors or Modscape contractors, and a certificate of occupancy issued.

Once you have signed off on the project and made your final progress payment we’ll present you with the keys to your new home!

If you would like additional site works (like driveways or landscaping), we would be happy to assist you with these and can arrange a quote for works.

Your final progress payment is 10% of the contract sum.