To complement the existing operations, 7 modules delivering 235 sqm of space were used to create a combined accommodation facility consisting of the owner’s residence, guest accommodation, worker’s accommodation, communal living area and observation tower.

The main design consideration was to ensure that the facility could operate as a complete building while at the same time act as separate living quarters during high occupancy periods. As the location is central to the property, the staggered configuration allows for each section of the building to be provided with its own amenity and privacy, while retaining a sense of continuity and fluidity through a series of enclosed walkways.

Each accommodation wing features a separate entry stair, double bedrooms with ensuite, access to private or shared kitchen/dining/living areas, custom built joinery, plantation timber flooring, LED lighting and double glazed windows.

The communal living area that forms the central feature of this design opens directly onto two areas of external and internal covered decking. The continuation of timber flooring from deck, through to module, through to deck removes any feeling of barriers between the indoor and outdoor areas and visually expands the amount space through the help of floor to ceiling glass and sliding doors.