Modscape Open Day 2017

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We’re doing it again! After the success of previous years events, we’ll be opening up our doors on Saturday 14th October between 12:00 – 2:00pm.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how our modular projects are created at our innovative modular construction hub in Brooklyn. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet the team and learn how the process works over a burger or taco from Beatbox Kitchen or Taco Truck Melbourne.

Plus: go in the draw to win a FREE Site Inspection package valued at $6600 (terms and conditions apply)

RSVP to attend and go in the draw to win.

Project Portsea

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In the coastal suburb of Portsea, Victoria stands this striking modular home which looks as impressive today as it did when it was installed over five years ago.

Part of our design philosophy is to create contemporary spaces that not only look beautiful and are functional, but also possess a long lifespan and continue to adapt and grow with their surrounding environments. The Portsea home is a great illustration of this – the coastal beauty continues to age gracefully over time. 

Permits and Your Prefabricated Home

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Frequently asked questions we get at Modscape often relate to permits – everything from do I need one, to what’s the cost, and how long will it take. Naturally every modular design project is unique so permit requirements can differ, but the following FAQ post will hopefully give you an introduction to planning and building permits when it comes to prefabricated modular homes.

Do I need a permit if I’m building a prefabricated modular home?

Like a conventional build project, permits are required to build a modular home. Regardless of whether you are building insitu onsite with a slab or constructing a prefab home in a factory and transporting to site, the permit process is very similar.

Modular construction brought to life through a creative lens

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The detailed modular construction process can be a difficult one to grasp, yet the many advantages are worth understanding for anyone looking to design and build a new home.

To aid this understanding we recently engaged Melbourne cinematographer, Nathan Kaso, to produce a short tilt-shift time-lapse film on the process.

But rather than just spelling out our process, Nathan sought to capture the distinctiveness of a modular project through a unique combination of filming techniques and styles. 

Things we love: being a part of the Open House Melbourne weekend

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Some things just get better with age – and the Open House Melbourne weekend is certainly one of them.

It’s an event that welcomes everyone – from those who work in the design industry to those who just love design – and encourages conversations about architecture and how our built environment shapes who we are and how we live.

Celebrating its 10th year, the Open House Melbourne weekend was bigger than ever before. Last weekend over 200 buildings threw open their doors and welcomed locals and visitors alike. It was a great opportunity for many to get up close and personal with the spaces that make this city unique. 

Phillip Island project on Australian Design Review online

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Words from Australian Design Review –

Set on a windswept hillside overlooking Bass Straight sits a modular holiday home that allows the epic coastal location to be experienced in all its many states.

The project evolved from a pragmatic response to the challenges of occupying an exposed coastal site. Winds, often extreme, shaped the design with the house acting as a barrier and protecting the external courtyard tucked in behind. 

Project Phillip Island

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Set on a windswept hillside overlooking Bass Strait sits a modular home that allows the epic coastal location to be experienced in all its many states.

The project evolved from a pragmatic response to the challenges of occupying an exposed coastal site. Winds, often extreme, shaped the design with the house acting as a barrier and protecting the external courtyard tucked in behind.

Important to the design was the organisation of internal and external living spaces to ensure they provide shelter at different times of the day and year while still allowing the amazing views to be experienced from within. 

Miniature Modular Homes

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We’ve found 3D printed models to be a powerful tool to communicate and develop design ideas with our clients.

The models stimulate conversation and debate, which facilitates the design development process. Crucial lessons can be learnt through the testing of ideas in a miniature format.

On occasions when floorplans and technical drawings can be difficult to understand, a 3D model makes the design more tangible. In turn, the increased level of client understanding allows for design changes to be incorporated at the early stages, saving time and money.

Below are some 3D printed models of upcoming modular homes that are currently in progress. 

Manufactured in Melbourne – delivered nationwide. We can build by the ocean, in the bush and in cyclone prone areas

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From the windy Great Ocean Road to the sandy beaches of Cottesloe, from the picturesque Blue Mountains to the remote outback in the Northern Territory – we can build almost anywhere in Australia.

Building with modules allows us to easily transport our homes all across Australia. Made from fully-welded structural steel frames, the modules can be combined to create almost any shape or design.

Our modular homes are precision built and finished here in our factory in Brooklyn, Melbourne prior to them being delivered to site. Thanks to the rigidity and strength of the steel frame we are able to transport our modules with all internal works such as painting, tiling and joinery complete. 

How Modular Can Help in the Urban Housing Crisis

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There is much debate in the news lately about the effectiveness of extending the Melbourne urban border and creating new suburbs to overcome Melbourne’s housing affordability and availability challenges.

Some of a recent suite of changes to make housing more affordable will see the Government introduce a new tax levied 1 per cent on vacant residential property, with the hope of pushing property holders to empty properties rather than pay the tax.