Balnarring Installation

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Sited on 24 hectares within a lush green belt in Balnarring, this contemporary and sustainable house and family retreat comprises two accommodation wings connected by a centralised open plan kitchen/living/dining area with a view that heralds the afternoon sun over the undulating contours of the surrounding landscape.

Project Glenlyon

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This chic country retreat located in the peaceful hamlet of Glenlyon offers guests a sanctuary of seclusion and tranquillity, and adds further diversity to the luxury accommodation market in the Shire of Hepburn Springs.

Aptly named Omaroo, which is derived from the Aboriginal term meaning ‘beautiful view’, this modular home is idyllically situated on a unique property and offers 270-degree views of charming country landscape. The transition between indoor and outdoor areas and the opportunity to draw in the full extent of countryside views informs the layout of the floor plan and the subsequent palette of raw materials . . .

Pasona Urban Farm by Kono Designs

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The practice of urban farming in office buildings has been an agricultural road less travelled until now. Forward thinking Japanese recruitment company Pasona has partnered with Kono Designs to create a new headquarters that serves as part business, part urban farm. Their vision: to enhance the work environment for the staff of Pasona and spread the word (or shall we say ‘seed’) about the crucial impetus of sustaining agriculture in Japan . . .

Let There Be Light

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We have a self-professed love for all things modular, so it was no surprise that we were drawn like moths to a flame to the Molecular modular lighting system by German lumiere experts Next. Next removes light from its shapelessness and dresses it in a contemporary standard of design . . .

The City in the Sea: Wind Turbine Loft

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image via morphocode

White giants with monster blades and a city in the sea. It sounds like a scene straight out of a science fiction novel, but it is actually the new architectural concept by forward-thinking Bulgarian firm Morphocode. The Wind Turbine Loft is an architectural project that seeks to create accommodation for the technicians who will someday need to maintain the performance of offshore wind farms . . .

The Future of Building is 3D

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image via dezeen

3D printing is all the rage in the world of architecture, design and engineering, and just like everybody else, we’ve been caught up in the fun and exciting creations this technology has produced.

Conventional 3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where layers of material are laid down in shapes according to the digital blueprint of mostly small, solid objects. But recent innovations in 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, have seen this technology develop to such an extent that designers and architects worldwide are now competing to see who can produce the first habitable 3D printed home . . .

Scandinavia’s Striking Superstructure

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On the idyllic shores of the Oslofjord in Norway stands the new international headquarters of Norwegian energy producer Statoil. Unique even by Scandinavian standards, the iconic structure was created with the premise of consolidating disparate parts of the organisation under one roof. A key challenge of the project was to balance size and architectural expression with the building’s surroundings while introducing new impulses that enliven the park and commercial areas . . .