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Cabins: a book about alternative dwellings and prebuilt homes

The idea of a cabin retreat located in a secluded landscape is a dream of many. As our cities continue to swell and we repeatedly cram our lives full of activity there is an ever-increasing desire to escape it all and run away to an isolated refuge.

Architects worldwide have dabbled and experimented in the many possibilities and design outcomes involving the minimal shelter – a number of which have been presented in this wonderful Cabins book

Cabins: a book about alternative dwellings and prebuilt homes

Including bright illustrations by graphic designer, Marie-Laure Cruschi, and beautiful photography, the book explores the many and varied forms of the cabin archetype. Often located amongst raw landscapes, the cabin shuns excess and strips to the bare essentials of living requirements. The book delves into the inventive and creative solutions devised by architects when presented with this brief.

The cabins selected for this book emphasise the wide variety of alternative dwellings, both in terms of usage and geography. From an American container home to a prebuilt shelter atop a mountain, across to eco friendly homes (huts) in India and tiny homes in Germany, the book depicts more than sixty cabins from around the globe and highlights the variety of forms that a cabin can take.

For all design fans and lovers of the great outdoors, this book will surely inspire. Prepare to want your own as you flick through the many enviable cabins. The saying may go “you can’t judge a book by its cover”, but with this gorgeous cover you totally can.

Cabins: a book about prebuilt homes and alternative dwellings