Design & Materials

What type of commercial work does Modscape do?

Modscape has completed commercial projects in a range of sectors including:

Our modular design concept offers significant cost and time advantages over conventional construction methods. To view a selection of our completed commercial modular building projects, visit our Commercial page.

What is a module?

A Modscape module is made from a fully welded structural steel frame. Our projects are made using housing modules. Modules are used to create almost any configuration of spaces and can be made at any size (within our maximum dimensions) to suit your site and design.

What is the standard size of your modules?

We do not have a standard size module as all housing modules are customised to suit each design. Typically, a module can range from 2-5m in width and from 2-15m in length. Most Modscape modular designs use a combination of module sizes to create a design. Modules that fit within these dimensions enable us to keep the cost of transport to a minimum, however if a design requires dimensions in excess of these parameters it can be assessed on a job-by-job basis.

Can I select our own finishes for our projects?

Definitely. External cladding, roof shape, internal wall finishes, floor coverings, paint colours, benchtops, fixtures and appliances can all be chosen to meet individual requirements.

What design restrictions do you have with modular construction?

We have very little restrictions with our modular system. The strong structural steel frame allows us great flexibility with design. Modules don’t always have to be rectilinear – we can do angular walls, pitched roofs and even curved walls. Modules are easily stacked on top of each other to create two, three and four-storey buildings. They can actually stack up to six storeys before they need additional structural support.

Can Modscape work with our architects?

Absolutely. We are more than happy to work with your preferred architect or be directed by your proposed concept designs. Alternatively, Modscape’s in-house architects will work with you to bring your modular project to life. We also have a network of quality external consultants that can be employed on your project where required.

Want to learn more about how modules work?

Check out our Modular Design Guide for more info.

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Will banks fund prefabricated buildings?

Yes, most banks will fund prefabricated buildings. There are many aspects to the way a project is funded so please feel free to contact us to discuss.

What are your payment terms for commercial projects?

Commercial projects either have a fixed payment schedule or are paid via progress claims depending on the type of project.

Logistics, Site & Energy Efficiency

Do I need to have my site specifically prepared?

Site works can be undertaken by your team or Modscape can coordinate any site preparation as required.

Will my project require a crane for installation?

A large majority of our modular design projects require a crane. Projects located on sloping sites, with difficult site access or involving more than a single storey will require a crane.

What is the cost of a crane?

The cost of a crane is determined by the complexity of the lift. We will be able to provide you with a more accurate indication of the crane cost following a site inspection.

Generally, what is your build time for commercial projects?

Build times differ depending on the size and complexity of the project. Some commercial projects can be completed in as little as 9 weeks.

What is the cost of transportation?

Transport for each module is $3K within 150km of our Brooklyn, Melbourne facility. If your project falls outside of the 150km radius of Brooklyn, it is likely each module will cost somewhere between $5K (for distances up to 300km from Brooklyn) and $23K (to the Kimberley). Contact us for a more accurate quote.

How do you ensure the modules aren’t damaged when they are being transported?

All of our modular design projects are trucked to their destination in complete sections and placed directly onto your prepared site. The exceptionally strong steel frames used for each section enables our modules to withstand much greater stressors than would be possible with on-site construction methods. Rigorous testing procedures ensure that each project arrives at its destination in the same condition in which it left the factory.

Are Modscape’s designs suitable for sloping sites?

Yes, they are. The footing system we use for our foundations is height-adjustable and makes Modscape a great solution for sloping sites. Additional costs may be incurred for very steep sites if additional steel is required to achieve the required structural support and elevation.

Permits, Compliance & Project Management

How does Modscape manage interstate projects?

Modscape has installed projects all over Australia, so we are very familiar with the issues involved in working at a geographical distance from our clients. Our clients are frequently updated on the progress of their project – whether it is in town planning, design and development or construction, and the need to travel interstate is confined to the key decision making stages only.

Can Modscape do complete project management?

Absolutely. The highly planned process involved in creating a Modscape project means we will oversee your modular design project from design through to installation, ensuring you are informed and consulted along the way, but can additionally undertake any landscaping and site works required at the end. One project; one team.

What is Modscape’s factory capacity for simultaneous construction of multiple modules?

From our factory in Brooklyn, we can manufacture up to 150 modules at any one time.