Myth Busting: Misconceptions About Prefab

  • August 18th, 2015
Unique curved modular building in grass park

There are many misconceptions about prefab. At Modscape we break them.

Myth #1: Prefab means low quality

The biggest misconception about prefab buildings is that they are cheap and low quality. Well in the past that may have been true, as prefab was focussed on saving design costs through repetitive design and mass production. But today prefab is thankfully all about quality, predictable costs and the experimentation of new materials and construction methods.

Myth #2: Prefab has no flexibility in design outcome

This is big myth and we’re proof of it. The process of creating a Modscape design is highly planned, flexible and design led. Each design is bespoke and designed to suit our client’s specific project requirements, site and budget. We construct in modules and they are customised to suit each design. Our combination of design technology and experience allows Modscape to produce flexible living spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Myth #3: Prefab is too boxy

It is true that building in modules tends to lend itself to box-like forms. But when it comes to design, those modules can be used to create almost any configuration of spaces.

At Modscape, we can build angular walls, pitched roofs and can even combine modules to create elliptical forms. (See the Mirvac Display pictured above)

Still not convinced? Then come and check out modular in action. Our display suite is a beautiful example of contemporary modular design and we’d love to have you visit us. Next time you are in the neighbourhood let us know and we’d be delighted to give you a tour.

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