Play Landscape

  • October 28th, 2016

We love crisp, modern design that is free of ornament and clutter. So it’s no wonder we love this new adventure playground that not only looks like tonnes of fun, but is minimal, restrained and a far cry from the plastic encroaching parks we regularly see today.

The play-scape materialised from an international competition won by design firm, Carve & Omgeving, and forms part of a wider recreation project aiming to breathe new life into the former coalmining site of Beringen in Belgium. 

The design brief was to redevelop the old industrial buildings in the area and add a new function to the 60 meter high rubble mountain, turning it into a cultural hotspot where its history can be experienced in a playful way.

The design consists of three parts: a pole forest as a landmark; an adventurous play surface that snakes its way up the mountain; and a coal square monument at the top. A set of straight stairs form the spine and emphasize the topography of the hill when lit up at night.

The playful elements in the design were all set to challenge children physically. And the need to ask for help the higher they climb was incorporated to inspire collaboration and mutual encouragement amongst the group.

Designed for the young and the young at heart, this landscape rejuvenation project is something we’d love to see more of in Australia.