Delivering a compact 20sqm of space, the single module design is simple in form yet logistically complicated. As the bar is surrounded by water on both sides and only accessible by stairs descending above, the installation of the module called for a touch of ingenuity.

The module was constructed in the Modscape factory and then trucked to Hawthorn, where it was loaded onto a barge along with an excavator, transported up the Yarra River, and lifted into position by the excavator in one day.

Comprising a servery, kitchen and bathrooms, the architecture and setting of the bar is further complemented by external cladding and design work by Moth Design. Extension of the site elements in the furniture, the serving counters and the timber cladding on the outside has homogenised the site into one aesthetic language, but with many pieces.

Finished with models and diagrams of peregrine flora and fauna and nautical paraphernalia, and offering a 360-degree panoramic waterfront view of the city, the Ponyfish Island Bar is a pop-up oasis of innovative design, degustation and adventure.

If you would like more information about Ponyfish Island Bar including opening hours, the menu, and how to get there, visit