10 Prefab Houses We Want To Live In

  • January 6th, 2017

The team at Modscape recently sat down and picked 10 amazing prefab designs from around the world that we’d be delighted to move into tomorrow.

Desert House


Located in the Desert Hot Springs, California, is a delightful prefab home spread out over a five acre site. The internal floor space of 185 sqm is made up of seven modules and includes two bedrooms and two bathrooms. 140 sqm of additional shade/deck modules create ample space for indoor/outdoor living where the stunning desert can be enjoyed and revered.

Passion House


This small home, known as “Passion House”, is an absolute delight. The minimalist design encourages comfortable living for a single person or couple. It’s covers only 40 square metres, but thanks to the many space saving features integrated into the design, you’ll soon forget its size. Passion House also boasts a luxurious sauna – perfect to relax in after spending the one to two days installing the house.

Sky House


This prefabricated off-grid vacation retreat offers spectacular views anyone would be envious of. The compact home is clad in steel sheets that will patina into a ochre red over time, referencing the rusted mining shacks common in the area. Strategically placed windows frame snippets of the rolling hills creating wonderful moments for pause as you move around the home

Vipp Shelter


The Vipp Shelter was conceived with every detail and piece of furniture meticulously planned. All the appliances, fixtures, lighting, tableware, and even bed linen have been selected by the home’s designer. All you have to do is turn up, sit back and enjoy being face-to-face with nature through the home’s full height glass sliding doors.

R House


Offered as an affordable housing option in Scotland, this prefab home is made to withstand the cold Highland climate. The form and orientation allows the home to take advantage of solar gain as well as the incredible views. Although the home is ultimately modern in design, the traditional barns and steadings found in the Highland area are reflected in its overall form.



The brief for this design was to build small and maximise efficiency. The end result is beautifully simple – framed with steel and wood, incorporating bamboo flooring, and featuring basic appliances and furniture within. The home sits proudly amongst the Texan landscape and is the first of three modular homes to be constructed on the site.



The old saying ‘living in a shoebox’ has been taken quite literally by German-based designer Werner Aisslinger when designing this home. Named “LoftCube”, it’s just 40sqm in size, but features floor-to-ceiling glass panels on all walls to keep the space feeling open. If the desire to share this amazing space becomes apparent, the home can be connected to other LoftCubes  connected by prefabricated patios.

Lofthouse I


Prefab homes don’t always have to be in remote areas, surrounded by large expanses of landscape. They can also be effectively incorporated into the urban city fabric. This multi-storey home has a large void that runs through the centre of the house, connecting different living platforms and  bringing natural light down into the interiors. With views out across the Amsterdam port, large expanses of glazing offer an abundance of light.

Floating House


If you can’t decide between a holiday home on the water’s edge or a house boat, this home built on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada, just might be your solution. The home floats on the water, freely rising and falling with the tide movements yet still firmly connected to land. Featuring cedar finishes and boasting wide windows, the magnificent landscape is enjoyed from all angles.

Mima Essential

Here’s a home that is simple in form yet doesn’t compromise on comfort and style. Aptly named “MIMA Essential’, this prefab beauty provides all the essentials for a weekend getaway. Utilsing a panelised system, the home can be customised to your needs and arranged in a number of configurations.