33m | 33 Mackenzie Street

33M | 33 Mackenzie Street

To say we’re excited about Elenberg Fraser’s newest residential project is an understatement and it’s not just because of the phenomenal architecture, unexpected luxuries of space or the city views. This project has particular importance because Modscape constructed a sales suite to facilitate the sale of the 33M apartments two years ago. The sales suite was moved at the end of its tenure and converted into Modscape’s office – a prime example of the ability to recycle a building!

Known for creating experiential architecture that responds to its specific site, location and purpose, Elenberg Fraser has designed a vertical village that is a truly inhabitable environment for its residents. 33M is like moving through an ancient narrative that takes its cues from the myths of Metatron and Pandora’s Box, both of which are evident as the viewer transcends from the black, mirrored depths of the lobby, to the apartments where total ascendance is experienced. Here, darkness shifts to a duo chromatic palette of white and bronze light inside the apartments, the buildings themselves wrapped in a façade of Metatron’s loose feathers.

For more information or images of the project check out Elenberg Fraser’s website.