4 Benefits Of Modular For Multi-residential Projects

  • September 24th, 2019
View from kitchen of modular built home looking at Albert Park

With market conditions tightening and developers looking for new ways to maximise their investments, modular multi-unit residential and modular apartment developments have risen to prominence. Targeting medium scale developments and infill housing, the modular methodology is making build times more rapid and cost-effective, providing stringent quality controls and eliminating costly errors. So, rather than cut corners to make projects meet timelines and budgets, savvy developers are trumpeting modular solutions to achieve quality, design-led results but with greater control.

Here are 4 key benefits of employing modular construction for a modular apartment complex or multi-residential development:

Lower construction costs

With large and complex construction projects there is always the risk of delay and overspend. Weather conditions, too much or too little material ordered, waste and breakage – all of these small matters can add up to a big problem. With modular construction these are largely eliminated due to the constant conditions of factory manufacturing and predictable inputs, a stable workforce, the ability to mass order and store materials, the ability to build more than one section at once and the use of precision equipment. Likewise, not having to use scaffolding when on-site is another cost and time saving strategy. The ability to stack our steel-frame modules up to six levels without the need for additional structural support makes Modscape’s modular construction system ideal for small to medium density multi-residential projects.

Faster approvals and finish

Whether you want a smoother consultation phase or are keen to ensure a faster time to settlement and occupancy, modular construction can be the answer. In high density environments, the noise and disruption to other residents and businesses is greatly reduced with some installation times taking one or two days, as opposed to months with traditional building methods. This can make community consultation an easy sell rather than a hard slog, especially when dealing with renovations or extensions to buildings with existing occupants.

The clean and highly organised offsite facility means that weather and site variables no longer play a part. Likewise, a stable workforce with set conditions and hours allows an even greater control over a project’s program. All things considered, it is often cited that modular construction can save you up to 50% of the time it would normally take to begin and complete a traditionally built project.

Better quality control

Conforming to building codes and regulations and using best-practice quality control procedures is a straightforward process with modular apartment construction. Rather than trying to coordinate different builders and trades in a complex and changing environment, modular apartment construction eliminates many of the unpredictable variables while utilising the same team over and over again. This not only translates to less mistakes, it means a team can continually refine their processes and procedures resulting in quality workmanship and quality projects.

Green construction

With nearly 80% of work done in the controlled environment of a factory, factors such as waste, noise and emissions are largely a thing of the past on building sites. Every drop of paint, every inch of wood, every nail and every screw is pre-determined, pre-documented and pre-costed therefore waste is slim to none. With precision measuring and cutting equipment, state of the art machines and industrial ventilation, the factory is the perfect place to contain all forms of waste or disruption.

If you’re considering offsite construction for your next modular apartment building, Modscape’s construction technique and processes can offer you certainty of cost and timeframe without compromising on design and quality. Our innovative modular design and manufacturing systems create flexible building solutions for residential development projects nationwide. Contact us on 03 9316 6000 or info@modscape.com.au to discuss how a modular solution can work for you.