5 Magazines That The Modscape Design Team Love To Read

  • February 5th, 2018

Design and architectural magazines not only inspire but boost productivity and expand design knowledge. Here are 5 magazines the Modscape team love to read. 


We’re frequently drawn to the quirky, experimental design of the bi-monthly publication Mark.

Focusing on design and architecture, Mark explores global architectural trends. Yet, in contrast to many architectural or design publications, Mark takes a strictly non-academic approach to talking about the industry, providing timeless and visual first-hand information and ideas from some of the world’s most creative minds. The magazine itself reflects its position that architecture has found a place at the centre of society amongst popular culture.

Mark lingers near the boundaries, exploring the most radical and innovative aspects of the industry and in the process profiling the future of architecture and design. In doing this, it spotlights both established industry personalities and blossoming talents, creating an impressive depth and breadth to the magazine’s perspective. In its own words, Mark “is a platform for the practice and perception of architecture at the dawn of the third millennium.”


Since its first issue in 1961, DETAIL has served as an excellent professional resource for the architecture and construction industries.

In contrast to Mark, DETAIL takes a very formal and academic approach, organizing itself into five clear sections: Discussion, Reports, Documentation, Technology and Products. Each issue focuses on a different aspect of building and construction, from building with concrete to discussing roof structures.

As the name implies, DETAIL focuses on exactly that: detail. It provides a thorough documentation and analysis of industry developments, exemplifying projects from across the globe and is usefully illustrated with photographs and plans drawn to scale.  DETAIL is an excellent journal for architects, engineers, developers and construction professionals and places a strong emphasis on industry relationships between construction and architecture.

AR Magazine

AR Magazine – short for Architectural Review – is an Australian publication that has served as our local architectural voice for the past 30 years. AR is an informative and creative read that we love for its well-rounded overview of the industry.

Through written and visual reviews, AR showcases current world-class local and international projects and highlights the latest product innovations. Artist statements and technical drawings as well as interviews and reports on unbuilt work, are amalgamated to create a thorough and interesting overview of the current architectural landscape. In addition to its coverage of projects and people, it also spends time discussing the nitty-gritty business side of architecture. There are great book and publication reviews as well as information on forthcoming industry events.

AR Magazine is widely recognised as a leading voice in the field, having won the RAIA Bates Smart Architecture in the Media award twice. We recommend it to both budding and established architects thanks to its wealth of up-to-date and insightful industry-wide articles.


Habitus is another exceptional publication local to Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. This quarterly, cross-cultural magazine has found its niche discussing the best residential design and architecture around South-East Asia and Australasia. Targeting readers with a strong interest in modern home designs, Habitus investigates both projects specific to the region as well as some global projects for context and comparison.

The reason we love to read Habitus is its interesting exploration of how architecture and design can be used to express different ways of life and lifestyle – from refurbished apartments and sustainable homes to architecturally designed masterpieces with impeccable interior design elements. Drawing inspiration and insight from design hunters and industry professionals across the region, Habitus provides innovative and accessible ideas to both professionals and to those simply with an interest in the relationship between design and lifestyle.


Established in 1997 by the same publishing house as Mark, Amsterdam-based Frame magazine quickly rose to be one of the world’s leading publications for interior design professionals. Frame is a widely-read bi-monthly magazine that is sold in an impressive 77 countries and available in both English and Korean.

While Mark focuses on boundary-pushing architecture and the future of the architectural industry, Frame is carving out room for serious thought about interior design. Frame has elevated the widespread perception of interior design – which is often looked upon as architecture’s little sister – so that it can rightfully be regarded as an exciting field of its own.

Focusing on innovation and excellence in spatial design, and investigating the fields of interior design, architecture, product design and exhibition design, Frame is the publication of choice for any interior design professional or design lover. Issues often spotlight a particular industry and the way in which spatial design can affect them. We love to read Frame because it does not limit itself to interior design principles and ideas but explores people and industries’ relationships with and dependence on spatial design.