Archidoodle – The Architect’s Activity Book

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Looking for a fresh creative outlet? Satisfy your creative urge with Archidoodle – an architectural ‘activity book’ that presents a building, landscape or part of a building and encourages you to complete it in a new and interesting way.

The book is filled with beautiful pen and ink illustrations depicting some of the most iconic, contemporary and inventive structures. Aimed at anyone who loves drawing buildings and modern homes, each page contains an incomplete architecture-related sketch, which you as the reader-turned-artist have to finish off yourself. 

Architect and teacher Steve Bowkett, the book’s author, offers an alternative perspective by asking ‘what to draw’ rather than ‘how to draw’. The result is an engaging book full of wonderful ideas that encourage you to come up with your own creative solution to a multitude of architectural issues.

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You can design your own skyscraper, plan your beach house designs or even redraw the Sydney Opera House with the shells missing.

Archidoodle is bound to keep you entertained for hours. But if you do speed through it never fear – you can graduate to Archidoodle City and design ancient and contemporary imaginary cities.

It’s now time to sharpen your pencil and set your inner architect free.

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