Archiflix – Australia’s Architecture & Design Film Festival

Architecture and design are set to hit the screen at the new ArchiFlix Festival opening in Sydney this week.

Highlighting the unique creative spirit that drives the disciplines, the inaugural event will feature a range of documentaries on the careers and practice of some of the most prominent Australian and international architects. 

Moving beyond the polished final product, the films approach the subject from a different angle – focusing on the creative development and thought process and delving into the architect’s mind to shed light on their sustainable house design decisions.

Archiflix began as a series of one-night only film screenings, but following popular demand, the event has been expanded into a four-day festival.

One of the films the Modscape team is looking forward to seeing is The Dream of Perfection. In 1968, the Autopsy of a Dream documentary depicting the troubled construction of the Sydney Opera House under architect Jørn Utzon was commissioned by then BBC2 controller David Attenborough. Immediately after its premiere screening on the BBC, the tapes were destroyed. A copy of the film was rediscovered in 2013 and the sound restored by director John Weiley. The Dream of Perfection is a special edition of the film that features a prologue detailing the story of the film itself, and features interviews with David Attenborough, Jørn Utzon’s children Jan and Lin Utzon, as well as recently deceased Australian writer and social commentator Richard Neville.

The festival runs from 4-7 May at the Sydney Maritime Museum Theatre. A second instalment of the festival will take place in Melbourne in October, with satellite events planned for Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. More information on the exhibiting films, event program and ticket purchasing can be found on the ArchiFlix website.