Things We Love: Architectural Cakes

Dinara Kasko is no ordinary baker, and her pastries are anything but traditional. Her elaborate, sculptural cakes look so good you almost don’t want to eat them. Almost.

Kasko is a trained architect, but after a couple of years in the industry she decided to take a sideways step and follow her passion into baking. Her architectural skills were not lost however as she now employs her model making techniques to create spectacular bakes. 

Drawing upon her computer modelling experience, Kasko’s baking process begins by creating a digital prototype of her cake in the computer program 3DS Max. She then brings them to life using a 3D printer which is used to cast a silicon mould for baking the cake.

The structural integrity of the creations can be seen in her process, making use of sophisticated moulds and internal scaffolding. The end results are even more remarkable when you consider the fickle materials she works with. Instead of concrete and steel, Kasko uses meringue, mousse and ganache.

For some pics that are pleasing to both the eye and the tastebud, check out Kasko’s mouth-watering updates on her Instagram page @dinarakasko.