Manufactured In Melbourne, Delivered Nationwide

  • June 21st, 2017
Transportable Homes in Australia

From the windy Great Ocean Road to the sandy beaches of Cottesloe, from the picturesque Blue Mountains to the remote outback in the Northern Territory – we can build almost anywhere in Australia.

Building with modules allows us to easily transport our homes all across Australia. Made from fully-welded structural steel frames, the modules can be combined to create almost any shape or design.

Our modular homes are precision built and finished here in our factory in Brooklyn, Melbourne prior to them being delivered to site. Thanks to the rigidity and strength of the steel frame we are able to transport our modules with all internal works such as painting, tiling and joinery complete. 

Transporting modules for modular homes

Module size is flexible and can be customised to access almost any site. If you have a windy road leading up to your site or access is tight due to buildings or large trees, we simply design using smaller modules with smaller widths or lengths. As long as you can get a truck to site we can typically build a modular home there.

Blueys Beach

If your site is close to ocean and you’re concerned about salt spray, don’t worry. Our steel frames are sandblasted and coated in a non-corrosive paint which forms a protective barrier for the steel. We also make a number of coastal upgrades depending on how far your site is from the ocean, which involve the use of specific flashings, nails and roofing materials etc.

With our steel frame construction we can build right up to, and including, Flame Zone. With a high Bushfire Attack Level rating there can be certain material selections that need to be made, but with Modscape you don’t need to change your structure at all. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the bushfire requirements specific to your site and how Modscape can accommodate these.

Our modular homes are also strong enough to meet Cyclone Building Codes throughout Australia. Thanks to the steel frames the required structural integrity is easily achievable. Double glazed windows, the option of external shutters and built-in inclusions further contribute to making our prefab homes appropriate for cyclone prone areas.

So regardless of whether your site is by the ocean, in the bush or in a cyclone prone area, Modscape can build there. To discuss the complexities of your site feel free to contact us for advice and information.

Transportable Homes in Australia