Cloud House Makes It Rain On Demand

Cloud House incorporates a recycling system used in eco houses

There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to the rain fall on a tin roof when you’re all warm and cosy inside. Now you can listen to the soothing sound anytime you please thanks to Matthew Mazzotta’s latest project, Cloud House.

The house is built under a permanent cloud and rocking in the chair situated inside activates ‘rain’. The rain then falls onto the metal roof above, producing that warm and pleasant sound. Stay seated and you can relax watching the water drip down from the window lintel, watering edible plants sitting on the sills. 

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Located at Farmer’s Park in Springfield, Missouri, the Cloud House offers a meditative moment to slow down and enjoy to mesmerising rain.

It’s a sensory experience that amplifies a familiar occurrence. But in addition to the zen-like tranquillity of rocking in the rain, the fanciful structure highlights themes of reclamation and recycling.

Mazzotta’s work often centres on creating artefacts and environments that elicit engagement from their audience. His work occupies public space and prompts a new perspective on the issues presented in the artwork.

Incorporating a recycling system used in many eco homes, on rainy days a gutter system collects water for the cloud and directs it to a storage tank underneath the house. Water for the cloud is not refilled during dry spells and thus is a reflection of the natural environment, illustrating our fragile dependence on Mother Nature’s kindness.

Cloud House makes space for contemplation in everyday life and transforms a familiar experience into something new. Watch this video to see the Cloud House in use and hear the artist’s explanation and thoughts behind the design.

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