• May 16th, 2018

The profile of the bathroom continues its rise thanks to the advancements in high-tech bathroom accessories and the stunning bath, vanity and tile options now available.

The bathroom is where most of us start our day. We clean away the night and prepare ourselves for battle. The shower offers busy people the only chance they have all day for some solace. It can be where you steal a moment to put on your make-up like a mask of strength to face a day woven with potential challenges.  It can allow a few minutes in a drowsy morning where the screams of children fighting over the last biscuit are only a very distant call to arms. What happens in the bathroom in the mornings can set us up for the day ahead. And at the end of the day it’s where we wash away troubles.  It’s a sanctuary. If there’s an enticing bath it’s where we make a date with ourselves to unwind.

Who thought it was just a place to clean your teeth in the mornings?

Contemporary bath and sink shapes sets the symmetry. Your choice of taps, bath rails, flooring and tiles builds the personality.

The choices for baths and bathroom fixtures can feel infinite, so we’re giving you a rundown of three of our favourite manufacturers to check out:

Astra Walker

Designed and engineered in Australia with its focus on ‘architectural bathware’ Astra Walker produce quality fittings that last. It’s our go-to range when collaborating with clients on the fitout of their modular homes.

We choose Astra Walker because it’s durable, it’s locally made and the quality is exceptional. We also love the fact that Astra Walker can custom make products that flow beautifully with our prefabricated homes. It means we have more freedom to give our clients a home that truly meets their individual style and needs.

The bathroom fittings are produced using ‘dezincification resistant brass’. This is much higher in quality than plastics or other metals. They’ve developed a trademarked ceramic that safeguards water flow and temperature.

What really cements the relationship for us is their focus on eco-sustainable production. Their tapware comes with the highest possible 6 star WELS energy rating which is great for the environment and the budget. Many of our clients aim for eco-friendly homes and this rating is obviously a huge tick.

In terms of style, from the modern to the time-honored, Astra covers it all.  They’re about to open a large showroom in Sydney to display their extensive range. With 28 collections available there is something for everyone. From contemporary to traditional to a modern take on the traditional you will find something that will suit the style of your home.

Our favorites within the range are the Icon basin mixer combined with the Elm washbasin. You can see this combo in our Brooklyn display suite. The wall mount basin gives the sense of space without the additional cabinetry below.

We’ve used chrome but depending on the look you’re going for you have the option to choose brushed platinum or matt black.  You can also request custom colour tap fittings further allowing a further reflection of your own individual taste and style.

Kado freestanding baths

Freestanding baths have increased in popularity over the past decade. Their appeal is most likely due to the greater focus we’re placing on visually striking bathrooms and the freestanding bath being a hero piece. We’ve found it a popular choice in larger bathrooms in our modular homes when space isn’t an issue. It can be installed far enough away from the wall making for efficient cleaning.

One of our current favorites is the Kado collection from Reece. The focus is on hotel-style luxury at a reasonable price.  A ‘daily dose of indulgence’ is their aim and they’ve hit their mark with some fabulous innovations.

Designer bathroom in prefab modular home


With its lustrous organic curves, the Lussi bath and vanity provides harmony in the space while also making a bold statement. We’re calling this one ‘eye popping tranquility’!   You may laugh at this term but it does make sense when you view the design.

In the description for this bath they say ‘let the raw form speak for itself’. And it really does set the scene for a stunning bathroom environment while achieving maximum relaxation thanks to the flowing lines.


If you seek thrills in your bathroom space you might be enticed by the dramatic lines of the aspect range. Minimalistic edging and striking angles make this a go to piece for someone looking for something a little more adventurous. You can choose a small stand-alone wall basin or an extended wall basin to allow for some bench space, both including an open shelf just below.  There’s also a counter basin and a wall hung vanity unit that integrates with the basin.


The Lux brings a wonderful balance between the Lussi and the Aspect. The glide of the oval bath has a simpler curve than the Lussi range with varying profile and basin shapes. The Lux is certainly a look that transcends trends and will last a long time.

The basin designs are broader in this series and the Lux range offers ten shower and seven toilet options, giving plenty of flexibility in the bathroom designs of our modular homes.


As the name suggests, the Era collection gives a nod to the past with its classic wooden vanity units with chrome or matte cup handles on the drawers and cupboards. With a modern take on the claw foot freestanding bath, which perfectly combines classicism and modernity, the Era range would be a perfect choice for those who like a bit of vintage.


This range merges the past with the present. Their semi inset basin has a beautiful natural thick curve while the bath has a ‘slipper design’. One end is higher than the other creating a beautiful aesthetic.


Finally the Arc where ‘soft curves meet contemporary angles’.  They offer a curved bath that looks a lot like the Neue model.  The square basin comes in a semi-recessed version and an under the counter model.

Kaldewei built-in baths

The German-based Kaldewei has been perfecting their steel enamel formula for almost a century and it is backed by a 30-year guarantee. It’s a unique product that combines steel and glass resulting in a material that is heat, UV, scratch, impact and chemical resistant and is very easy to clean.

The aesthetic is classic with simple clean lines. A big tick is their use of only natural materials that can be fully recycled. This makes these baths a popular choice for our Modscape clients wishing to build sustainable houses.


The focus on this range is the time-honoured oval interior.  The principle is the same across all the models in this series. The bath interior holds a classic smooth oval shape and includes armrests. The bath exterior offers five choices depending on your tastes and the shape of the bathroom space. You can go for a free-standing exterior or built in. There are one and two-seater options or a shower/bath combo.

We’ve used the Vaio bath in our Philip Island project along with the basins. The bath is deep and narrow, which saves on space and water. The location of this modular home renders stunning views – it was an obvious choice to install a bath next to a large window like this. Relaxing in a bath looking out across a beautiful vista are treasured moments for the clients.


The Puro bath offers a more modern approach with a basic rectangular shape. Curves inside the strong edges are just where they need to be to make this a comfortable soak with plenty of length to encourage maximum relaxation.


Sticking with the rectangular lines that the Puro offers, the Sanilux includes a rounded neck and more of a softer curve on the interior. This may appeal to those planning on spending a long time pampering themselves – an admirable goal we should all be aiming for in this busy world!

Hydrotherapy and other extras

The Kaldewei have a choice of hydrotherapy systems including massage, toning and reflexology jets. You can choose from 14 to 36 jets or arrange for an ‘authorised Multipoint physiotherapist’ to consult with you to develop a jet system to suit your individual needs.

For the ultimate in luxurious indulgence this range has an optional ‘sound wave’ audio system giving you more reasons to stay in the bath. The Bluetooth receiver and speakers are set within the bath walls.  This sound wave system can play music from any of your devices allowing you to sit back and absorb the music through the water.

The Kaldewei series can also equip the baths with an air spa that produces tiny bubbles to stimulate the skin. This can be a standalone extra or be used in conjunction with the hydrotherapy system.

One last thing…you can enjoy a multifunctional cushion set which can be positioned as a footrest, under the thighs, the arms or the neck.  A soft bath pillow is one final addition…the cherry on top.

In our ever-busy lives, the bathroom is becoming more than just a place to get clean. It’s turning into a wellness centre in our own homes. People are having fun with this space and the bathroom companies are delivering.