Fishing Cabin Perched Over A Japanese River

  • February 26th, 2018

Ever since our Cliff House concept we’ve been fascinated by other projects that embrace and celebrate beautiful (and often precarious) cliff-top sites – and Masato Sekiya’s fishing cabin is one such project.

Protruding from a cliff’s edge above the Tenkawa River in Nara Prefecture, Japan, clings a spectacularly simple holiday retreat for a busy doctor and his family.

Designed by Japanese architect, Masato Sekiya, the retreat is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional fishing cabin.

At just 70sqm the cabin is compact yet this is counterbalanced by the large expanses of glass overlooking the forest and river below. Inside, the partitioned interior can be transformed to the residents’ needs allowing for a flexible living space.

The reinforced concrete structure is built into the flat bedrock resulting in the structure’s green roof and carpark being the only elements visible from the road. Such a design also allows for the living space below to remain open without invading privacy.

If living on the edge appeals, you’ll surely be both a fan and envious of this edgy project.

Images via Masato Sekiya