Sustainable Green-roofed House Packed With Stunning Views

  • December 4th, 2018

The idea of a cabin retreat located in a secluded landscape is a dream of many. As our cities continue to swell and we repeatedly cram our lives full of activity, there’s an ever-increasing desire to escape it all and end up in an isolated refuge.

This month we’ve been lusting over the Off-Grid Guest House by Anacapa Architecture and Willson Design – a secluded retreat packed with sustainability features and stunning views.

Located along the Californian coast, this modern guest house provides all the comfort for a relaxing getaway while being visually and environmentally respectful and mindful of the site.

Nestled into the steep hillside, the residence sits inconspicuously amid the forest with low visual impact on its surrounding landscape. Disguised by a low profile and green roof, the home itself blends in and compliments its magnificent location.

Sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean are captured thanks to large expanses of sliding glass doors. A generous deck complements them, cantilevering over the steep rock face enable occupants to relax and watch the fog roll over the hills from the ocean.

Anacapa Architecture, in collaboration with Willson Design, created the building with a high level of sensitivity to its environmental impacts. Throughout all phases of the design and construction, the team employed green building practices – from passive heating and cooling to sustainable services systems and material selection.

The home responds to the challenges of being in a tempestuous climate by taking advantage of paired-back, honest materials. The thermal mass offered by the board-formed concrete walls and the green roof keeps the indoor temperature fairly temperate.

Complementing the striking concrete walls, you’ll find warm timbers alongside exposed steel beams and concrete flooring paired with modern, yet modest interior finishes.

Power is provided by a photovoltaic system, water is sourced from a local well and heating is provided via a wood burning fireplace. Energy usage is kept at a minimum due to high-efficiency appliances and LED fixtures.

The design decisions behind this guest house are reflective of Modscape’s ethos which focuses on creating innovative, sustainable and beautiful homes. Modscape has completed a number of sustainable homes for past clients – homes that minimise environmental impact, maximise year-round comfort and reduce running costs by using shading, ventilation, quality glazing, orientation and high thermal insulation. All are unique in design, but have two elements in common – stunning features and their ability to perfectly balance the landscape in which they are sited.