How Modscape Clients Can Say Farewell To High Electricity Bills

  • February 25th, 2016

Ever opened an electricity bill and almost fainted from the shock? Well a number of Modscape clients have made bill shock a thing of the past thanks to the design of our prefab modular homes.

But it is not simply enough to place a few solar panels on the roof. At Modscape careful design and planning is applied to increase the efficiency of your home and reduce the amount of energy you use.

In designing your energy efficient home we consider its entire scheme – from the orientation of the home on the site, to the size and placement of its windows and its ability to capture breezes…just to name a few.

The orientation of your home is particularly crucial and every site is different. This is one of the reasons why we don’t have any set floorplans – two homes built to the same floorplan would perform completely differently on their different sites. Instead, the layout of your home is carefully arranged to control summer heat gains and ensure breezes are captured for natural ventilation.

By using structurally insulated panels in the floor, walls and ceiling, we reduce the need for auxiliary heating or cooling. The panels are assisted by double-glazed windows and doors and ensure the ambient temperature of the home is more stable and less prone to thermal extremes.

Modscape’s sustainable design principles are applied to every aspect of the design, material selection, systems utilised and operations.

In the design phase alone we:

  • analyse your site for effective orientation
  • optimise passive solar heating and cooling
  • use high thermal insulation
  • ensure breezes are captured for natural ventilation
  • control high glazed areas with screening
  • control summer heat gains
  • use thermal mass to create radiant coolness.

In the material selection phase, materials that enhance the passive design strategy and have a low embodied energy are selected.

Equipment and appliances are chosen based on energy efficiency. These are monitored for ongoing performance, with services optimised for power, water and waste.

The beauty of Modscape homes is that they are all custom built, so we can tailor the design to suit your specific environmental goals and your site’s individual requirements. And once in place, you can just sit back and think about what you are going to spend your electricity bill savings on.