Just Installed: Modular Home In Deans Marsh

Perched on the highest point of lush undulating farmland, this new holiday modular home in Deans Marsh provides significant amenity and a sheltered enclave from the extreme elements while capturing all of the vistas the property commands . . . .

Consisting of 7 modules, the design of the modular home is a simple and understated layout despite its considerable dimensions. Two bedroom wings flank the open plan kitchen/living/dining area which connects the views to the north, and is completely exposed to the private courtyard created by the building’s form and the stone wall to the south.

The bedroom wings, living areas and outdoor areas are all linked by the spine of the home which is a white polished concrete slab that was poured into the modules as they were installed onsite. As well as containing a subfloor hydronic heating system, the slab defines the edges of the main living area and acts as a sleek focal point throughout the home.

The material selection of the interior and exterior was developed with the architect client to create a natural palette equal in mood and texture to the surrounding environment. Timber in various profiles and tones represents the characteristics of the trees across the hinterland, while the concrete slab identifies with the organic composition of the stone wall.