Karton Unpacks In Melbourne

European-designed cardboard furniture by Karton

Whoever thought cardboard could be used for more than just packaging goods and materials? Cardboard designer Karton has just opened their first showroom in Melbourne and we’re excited! Karton challenges everything you ever thought about cardboard with their extensive range of innovative and European-designed cardboard furniture . . .

Every Karton product is 100% recyclable, paintable and extremely durable so there’s no need to worry about your table collapsing during dinner. Even if you have two left hands, Karton flat packs are easy to assemble with no tools or glues required. Each product comes with simple printed instructions, but if you’re still unsure of where to fold, they offer step-by-step iPhone friendly videos.

The Karton range includes products for sitting, sleeping, storing, working and decorating – so whether you’re a student, a design addict or an eco-shopper, you’re bound to find a solution for your furniture needs. To stock up, visit the Karton store or jump online at www.kartongroup.com.au .