Things We Love: Lumil Light

  • July 10th, 2017

Our Brooklyn display suite showcases the innovation, quality and high level of finish we produce in all of our modular homes. No display suite would be complete without a contemporary mix of furnishing and accessories, so we’re constantly on the look out for seriously cool stuff that embodies our design style.  And whenever we come across a beautifully sleek product like this, we sit up and take notice – which is what we did when we stumbled on Lumil.

Launched earlier this year, Lumil is a Melbourne-based design studio and lighting brand fronted by Luke Mills. Characterised by a focus on function, Lumil works with like-minded creators to explore manufacturing techniques and contemporary design. The result is beautiful objects that inspire and complement the spaces they inhabit. 

Being a big believer in using hands-on processes, Mills experiments and explores creative ideas in a tactile way during the conceptual phase of a design. Designs develop and evolve naturally through the exploration of different materials and processes.

The superb craftsmanship and the attention to detail is what drew us to the HAT pendant lights. The contrast between the practical aluminium shades against the smooth ceramic ‘hats’ is carefully controlled and subtle. Inspired from a love for natural materials, bold colours and clean lines, the HAT will make a great addition to any space. Also a bonus is the fact that each lighting piece incorporates the latest in LED energy technology and strives for a more sustainable design and manufacturing processes.

“Sustainability for us starts with local manufacturing,” says Mills. “It is one the simplest ways to limit our foot print and creates a certain level of accountability as all aspects of the design are close to home.”

Beautiful, sustainable design. Not surprisingly, we love it.  To view the full range or to make an enquiry and find out how you can have one of your own, check out the Lumil website here.