Modscape Announces Move To Essendon Fields

Modscape is thrilled to announce its plans to relocate and expand to a cutting-edge facility in Essendon Fields, Melbourne. This exciting move represents a major milestone for our company, as it will be the largest offsite manufacturing facility in Australia, allowing us to scale up and further expand our operations.

We broke ground at Essendon Fields this week, as work commences to construct our revolutionary new offsite construction factory.

Our journey began humbly at the Brooklyn factory, where we initially occupied only half of the space, sharing it with a chair manufacturing company. However, as our operations grew, we recognised the need for the entire factory space and eventually acquired the adjacent land. To accommodate our continued growth, we even had to set up temporary factories for specific projects.

The Brooklyn facility consists of three side-by-side leases, forming a 6.5-acre site with 24,500 square meters of space. In contrast, our new premises in Essendon Fields offer an impressive 37,500 square meters, with 20,000 square meters of that under cover. Within the new facility, we have allocated 6,000 square meters to Modbotics. This expansion provides us with a significant increase in capacity, enabling us to triple our current manufacturing output in Brooklyn and produce 2,000 modules per year. The purpose-built facility is designed specifically for module production, featuring three 30-meter clear-span bays, all equipped with dual-hoist overhead cranes.

Modscape CEO Jan Gyrn noted, “The move will enable Modscape to triple its current manufacturing capacity and produce up to 2,000 modules per year. The new state of the art facility will be one of the largest offsite manufacturing facilities for modular construction in Australia, with  close to 40,000 sqm of total space – roughly the size of the MCG.”

The decision to move to Essendon Fields was made after careful consideration of our staff’s needs and travel requirements. We conducted a heat map analysis to determine where our staff members resided, and Essendon Fields, an innovation and technology hub, emerged as the ideal location due to its accessibility from most areas. The freeway leading to the airport ensures that most staff members will experience minimal changes in their commute. Essendon Fields offers a growing technology hub with a range of amenities, including childcare, gyms, supermarkets, and the DFO, enhancing the work-life balance for our valued team members.

Furthermore, Essendon Fields’ proximity to the airport is advantageous for Modscape, as nearly 50% of our clients are based interstate. The move aligns with our projected growth and the industry’s estimated 15% growth in the construction sector. The new facility has been designed as a replicable model that can be implemented in other locations, supporting our future expansion plans.

Works have already commenced, and over the first quarter of 2024, Modscape will complete the relocation to Essendon Fields. This move signifies a significant step forward for our company, providing us with the opportunity to grow and expand while continuing to lead the industry with our innovative approach to offsite modular construction.

We are excited to embark on this new chapter and look forward to the possibilities that our state-of-the-art facility in Essendon Fields will unlock. With enhanced capabilities and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Modscape is poised to shape the future of offsite construction and continue exceeding the expectations of our clients and partners.