Modular Buildings: The Winning Formula For Sports Facilities

  • June 1st, 2019

As the rate of participation in local sport grows, so too has the demand for better and expanded facilities to cater for players, umpires and visiting teams.

To support this growth, Modscape works collaboratively with local councils and sporting clubs to create inclusive facilities that provide comfortable, private and safe environments for males and females.

But local sporting pavilions are not just for teams to use intermittently. They’ve become an invaluable resource to the community – a place to socialize and connect with others.  Integrated, state-of-the-art facilities that promote a more active, resilient and connected community are fast becoming club and councils’ ultimate goal and modular construction techniques are helping to achieve this aim. Here’s how:

A condensed construction program equals less disruption onsite

Less time required onsite equals less site disruption, waste and noise to the local community and the club. With Modscape, 90 percent of the construction occurs offsite at our innovative modular construction hub in Brooklyn, Victoria. This enables us to streamline our offsite prefabrication operations while also allowing us to prepare the site concurrently. Because we can accomplish multiple aspects of the project at the same time, we can cut overall construction time considerably. This greatly reduces disruption at the sports grounds and to the neighbouring community. Also, delivery and installation of the modular facility can take place at a pre-agreed, convenient time for all parties in order to minimise risk and disturbances.

A sports facility is often home to a number of different clubs and can see a range of activities taking place each week. Disruption to these activities and events costs money, so the fact that modular construction is a faster alternative to traditional building is a huge benefit.

A controlled and secure environment ensures high levels of quality can be achieved

Sports facilities are generally high traffic, public spaces, so the dangers of accommodating a building site for an extended period of time can quickly mount. Modular building construction removes this danger and has the added bonus of a secure factory environment in which building materials are stored, protected from weather damage and/or vandalism.

The controlled factory build ensures certainty of price and program and guarantees a consistent level of high quality is achieved. With high levels of documentation and design resolution, every drop of paint, every inch of wood, every nail and screw is pre-determined, pre-documented and pre-costed. By controlling costs throughout the build phase, we can add further value and cost savings for clubs and councils looking for a high-quality, fast solution.

An efficient design sees a reduction to ongoing costs

Modscape has a passion for creating energy efficient designs and we recommend robust materials that reduce maintenance and ongoing running costs.

Each project is unique, with our system flexible to create any amount of space required, to any shape and form. Finish options are limitless, but what is consistent is our genuine collaboration with clubs and councils to create innovative, functional and unique facilities that can be transported anywhere in Australia.

One project, one team

The planning, construction and installation of a Modscape modular sport pavilion is managed by the one team. From design and planning through to installation and site connections, our team will coordinate and manage all aspects of the process. Modscape also collaborates with architects, engineers, sustainable development consultants, industry organisations, suppliers, contractors and specialist consultants to produce the best results for the project’s needs.

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To discuss your sporting club needs and associated costs in greater detail please feel free to contact us. You can reach us on 03 9316 6000 or via email