Things We Love: Modular Canopy

  • November 28th, 2017
Modular Canopy

If the gorgeous orchid-filled gardens weren’t enough to draw the eye, the Orquideorama structure at Medellin’s botanic gardens in Colombia certainly will.

Designed by Plan B Architects + JPRCR Architects, the Orquideorama is a literal interpretation of the abundant flora and fauna preserved in the 13 acre site. 

Drawing from the structural module of the honeycomb, the modular building weaves its way through the garden’s heart. A single module, or ‘Flower-tree’ (as labelled by the architects because it has the form of a flower and is the size of a tree), is composed of a steel reinforced trunk and six hexagonal petals that form an intricately latticed umbrella.

The architects wanted the structure to grow in the same way that a garden seeds and develops, with one ‘flower-tree’ popping up next to another.  The wooden meshwork was designed to make it appear that the structure is expanding and growing. There are 14 ‘flower-trees’ in total which seek to harmonize its construction.

The gardens offer a plethora of different sights and activities to enjoy. They are home to tropical rainforest gardens, a butterfly farm, a maze, a lagoon, a science building as well as the Orquideorama, which plays host to a variety of different events, from yoga to outdoor cinema. You may even see some large iguanas casually crawling past.