Modular Furniture For Your Cat

  • May 24th, 2018
Cats in boxes - cat modular homes in a modular home

The discerning cat owner is always on the lookout for a cool new toy or accessory for their felines, and there’s no shortage of ingenious ideas out there. But this latest creation, A Cat Thing, gets the Modscape tick of approval for not only being modular (because you know we’ve got a thing for all things modular!), but also for its ability to harmoniously fit with modern furniture and interior design.

Like all good ideas, A Cat Thing arose as a practical solution to a common problem. Upon bringing home their newly adopted cats, a young architect couple found that the cats got bored easily. Thus they set out to create a handy solution to keep the sharp claws away from the couch cushions. 

The result is a modular furniture solution where the cats can scratch, explore and bounce around to their feline hearts’ content.

The cat furniture is sleek, stylish and a welcomed alternative to the typically garish and bright toys currently dominating the market. The majority of the pet products for cats tick the ‘fluffy’ and ‘cute’ boxes, but aren’t often suited to interior spaces with walls, floors, ceilings and furniture designed in a linear manner.

Inspired by prefab buildings and LEGO, the furniture pieces are modular – meaning you can arrange them in a number of different ways to create mazes and elaborate cat playhouses. The four different cardboard modules can be assembled in a number of configurations by way of cardboard connection joints inspired by the principles of origami. Circular cut-outs and triangular openings allow the cats to move freely in and out or simply poke their heads in. Because the modules are made from paper-based materials, the furniture is not only fun and safe for your feline friend but sustainable too. What’s more, the simple design and neutral colour palette ensure the modular structures look great in just about any space.

The cubic pet accessories would beautifully compliment a home that favours clean lines, simplistic forms…and felines.

Cat modular buildings

Images via A Cat Thing.

Cats in a tiny modular home