Why A Modular Knockdown Rebuild Might Be Right For You


The recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics have reminded us that even the world’s greatest athletes struggle to stay in their prime forever. Unfortunately, the same can be said for your home. Whether your humble abode desperately needs some TLC, or you’ve simply outgrown it, the traditional plan of attack is to sell/move or renovate. However, the best option may be one you haven’t thought about yet: the Knockdown Rebuild. And a modular home is the most sustainable and convenient way to do it.  

As the name suggests, the Knockdown Rebuild is the process of demolishing your home to build a new one on the same block of land. In the case of modular, however, your home is prefabricated off-site, which has several advantages over traditional builds. The popularity of the ‘KDRB’ has skyrocketed in recent years, with more and more Aussie homeowners adopting the ‘clean slate’ approach – literally. Here’s why it might be right for you.

Love Where You Live

Our lives revolve around where we live. Giving up your favourite coffee spot or moving the kids to a new school isn’t easy, and sometimes the idea of moving simply isn’t an option. A modular Knockdown Rebuild solve this dilemma, allowing you to stay in the location you and your family have grown to love. Contrary to popular belief, it’s also a lot cheaper than relocating if you already own the piece of land.

The biggest cost when purchasing a new home is the land, and you’re sitting on a figurative goldmine if you choose to go with a modular Knockdown rebuild – not to mention you’ll avoid pricey stamp duty fees.

Additionally, your land’s value may have probably exponentially grown (depending on your location). Staying on the same block of land lets you take advantage of your strong equity, with the beautiful, bespoke modular Knockdown Rebuild adding to what you already have. It’s a win-win!

Your Home, Your Way

Finding a new place nearby can be tricky, and the likelihood of finding the ‘perfect’ home that ticks all the boxes are slim to none. In contrast, modular construction allows you to build your dream home, your way, without having to settle for what’s ‘on the market’.

You can have that Michelin Star-worthy kitchen, an amazing spa to relax in after a long day, the man-cave you or your partner have always dreamt of, or perhaps all of the above. Contrary to popular belief, the possibilities with a modular Knockdown Rebuild are seemingly limitless.

And, of course, you’ll save yourself the hassle of jumping from one inspection to another by building a bespoke modular home and installing it on your own piece of land. Besides, who doesn’t want more weekend time to themselves?

No Hidden Nasties 

Believe it or not, knocking down your existing home and replacing it with a modular project is potentially more affordable than renovating. The prospect of a renovation can be a thrilling one, but many struggle to stick to initial budgets. Meanwhile, running into unexpected issues is par for the course, as most problems aren’t apparent until the works begin (think poor foundations, plumbing/electrical faults, or even asbestos). It’s just another reason why so many ‘spruced up’ inner-city properties hit the market with such extravagant price tags.

The Knockdown Rebuild process gives you transparency on all upfront costs from the very start. We know you’d rather spend time sorting out the fun stuff, like your dream home layout, and your fixtures and fittings, rather stressing out over hidden fees.

We’re Here to Help

Interested in building a modular home, but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. Modular and prefabricated construction has evolved to become commonplace in some countries, but in Australia, the concept is still considered somewhat unconventional – a notion that’s undoubtedly set to change in the coming years.

At Modscape, we’ve taken traditional building techniques and turned them on their heads – creating a seamless building method that brings your dream home to life faster, more sustainably and at a higher quality. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Head to our comprehensive guide on our modular building process for more information.

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