A Mountain Stage With Spectacular Views

  • April 14th, 2018
Mountain Stage modular building

Meander your way through the forest or get lifted up the ski slope at Songhua Lake Resort in the Jilin Province of China and you’ll be rewarded with a breath-taking platform from which to admire the panoramic views of both mountains and water.

Built as a triangular-shaped ‘stage’, the platform’s design combines a wooden upper level atop a heavy concrete base – blending rough, textural materials and traditional construction techniques with a more sensuous form. Charred cedar shingles create a dark mass against the white of the mountains. Seen from afar the stage appears to float above the snow. 

As you approach the platform, the reflection of the charred cedar shingles begins to turn silvery with the changing angle of sun. Once inside, red cedar wood panelling creates a luminous space rich with coloured warmth.

Through the warmer months the platform is accessed via a ramp that weaves its way through a luscious nature reserve. Upon arrival, the chapped shingles and the textural cast concrete become tangible – it is no longer a mass upon a mountain, but a form that invites you to pause and touch. Continuing inside, the carefully plotted volumes and geometric cut-outs invite you to meander in and around the structure. Finally you reach the stage level where the sudden opening is a beautiful release to the spectacular view of Songhua Lake below.

Images via META-Project. Photographer Su Shengliang.