Mpavilion 2015 Unveiled

  • July 31st, 2015

Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens is set to play host to a captivating, highly-technical and weather-responsive ‘forest’ designed by British architect, Amanda Levete.

As part of the annual MPavilion architecture and design event, Levete’s studio AL_A will create a pavilion consisting of tall, slim carbon-fibre poles and a roof of ultra-thin translucent ‘petals’.

“Our MPavilion 2015 is designed to create the sensation of a forest canopy, made up of seemingly fragile, translucent petals supported by impossibly slender columns that sway gently in the breeze,” explained Levete.

By day, sunlight will filter and speckle through the canopy and by night LED lights will make the petals glow, creating a mystical space for social gatherings and events.

Not only will the design look spectacular, but it will sound spectacular. Petals will also function as speakers and be capable of recording and playing back the daily sounds that occur underneath the canopy.

MPavilion will be officially opened from October 5 and will be used to house talks, workshops, performances and installations.