Norwegian Cabins Perched On Seaside Rock Formations

  • August 12th, 2019

On a remote island above the Arctic Circle sits an eco-friendly resort that immerses guests in the wild beauty of northern Norway.

Manshausen Island Resort includes compact cabins dotted along the shore. Each cabin is elevated off the ground and carefully sited to minimize impact to the landscape yet maximise the spectacular views across the rugged coast.

Architects Stinessen Arkitektur explain that wave heights, extreme weather conditions and the future rise in sea level were studied to determine the exact positions of the cabins.

Prefabricated elements were used for a ‘plug and play’ installation to respond to the challenge of the long winter and temperamental weather.

Each 30sqm cabin was designed to be as compact as possible, yet the clever design can comfortably accommodate a family and incorporate a kitchen plus plenty of storage.

Access to the cabins are via the rock formations which encourage visitors to step into and up out above the sea below, so one is truly immersed in the environment before being welcomed inside.

The resort also includes a sauna which was made using left-over materials from the first stage of the building process together with old slate roof tiles scavenged from derelict buildings on the island.

Encouraging relaxation and contemplation, the cabins feature large full-height glazing –  perfect for watching the sun rise or a storm roll in across the dramatic landscape. Bliss.