Off-grid Living Takes Centre Stage

This month there is one extra reason why you should pick up the latest edition of the brilliant Mezzanine Magazine – there’s an excellent article on off-grid living with Modscape’s Tintaldra project taking centre stage.

Rich in content and packed full of incredible design inspiration, the summer edition of the magazine features a wonderful collection of homes – from Byron to the bush – that exemplify holiday living, with many in remote areas.  The article titled ‘Off the Grid’ focuses on what it’s like to build in regional areas and highlights some of the benefits and challenges of off-grid living in Australia. 

Our Tintaldra project, situated on a vast property on the banks of the Murray River, showcases the benefits of being self-sufficient in a beautiful and secluded landscape. When viewed from the road the cabin recedes into the landscape, appearing as a small silhouette against the snowy mountains on the horizon. Orientation was crucial as the home needs to take advantage of the sun and breeze to passively heat and cool the home. A bank of solar panels generates the home’s energy, creating more than enough for the efficient home to run comfortably. Water is drawn from the Murray River via a solar pump to supply the home’s water, while a septic tank deals with wastewater on-site.

The Modscape team enjoyed this summer read and we think you will too.