Achieve A Faster, Smarter, More Efficient Project Outcome

  • April 24th, 2019

With the advancement of offsite prefabrication achieving outstanding results in design and cost-effectiveness, modular construction in Australia is taking great strides.

While currently representing five percent of Australia’s building and construction industry, modular and offsite construction is aiming to grow to 15 percent by 2025.

Since our inception in 2006, Modscape has been both visible and vocal advocates for design aspiration and considered, intelligent and innovative modular architecture.

We’re constantly pushing the ‘conventional’ boundaries, changing the way the industry builds and shifting misconceptions about what prefabricated construction can achieve.

Here’s a little insight into how we deliver quality offsite construction projects across Australia…


All of our projects are made from fully-welded structural steel frame modules containing structural insulated panels.

Module size is flexible so we can create any amount of space in any shape you require. Typically a module can range from 2m-5m in width and 2m-15m in length. Most of our designs use a combination of module sizes.

The modules can be placed side by side or end to end to create greater internal spaces, are easily stacked on top of each other and can cantilever.

More information about module size and configuration can be found in our Modular Design Guide.

Offsite modular construction hub

The combination of modularisation and prefabrication at Modscape’s modular construction hub in Brooklyn, Melbourne creates a degree of automation that cannot be achieved onsite and enables us to oversee and achieve a consistent level of quality.

Clients incorporating off-site construction into their projects see a reduction of construction time and variability while also increasing quality, health and safety.

In addition, improved quality from highly engineered factory-made solutions are seen as an effective way to lower failure rates and improve longevity, while minimising the long term cost of maintenance.

Because of the fast construction cycle, all of the projects are heavily resolved prior to any construction beginning. The design development phase includes a high-level of design resolution which is crucial to the success of an offsite construction project.

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Transport and installation

Thanks to the rigidity and strength of the fully-welded structural steel frames, each module is easily transported to sites across Australia with no damage in transport.

The steel frame structure also ensures that the installation with a crane can be completed without damage. Modscape constructs lifting points into the top of the frame to ensure that when lifting there is less twist.

Being steel, frames can be manufactured to the millimetre at perfect right angles with locating pins included so we know exactly how it will fit together once onsite.

Sectors and approach to design

As one of Australia’s leading offsite construction companies, Modscape is dedicated to creating, building and delivering innovative, functional, modular homes and commercial projects across a wide range of industries – from healthcare and education to hospitality and infrastructure.

How we deliver quality offsite homes and commercial projects differs from sector to sector but what is for certain is our passion for design-led solutions and our collaborative approach to developing modular solutions that falls within budget and to an agreed timeframe.

We were recognised at the Australian Construction Awards 2019 and awarded the ‘Off-site Construction Project of the Year 2019’ for delivering a range of modular projects across the health and education sectors. By working with clients to develop an efficient volumetric design, our modular concept offers significant cost and time advantages over conventional construction methods.


The very nature of hospital design (ward rooms repeated) perfectly lends itself a modular solution. By maximising the efficiency of the steel-frame structure and adapting a design that compliments these, clients can see a reduction to the build costs as materials are kept to a minimum and standard sizes for materials are used.

Being constructed within a controlled factory environment ensures the modular health project is brought to life by our dedicated team with no weather, trade or supply issues. Stringent quality controls help to warrant consistency and quality through the entire project and building waste is significantly reduced thus ensuring the modular hospital or modular healthcare construction project falls within budget.

Our modular health solutions deliver a consistent high-quality product thanks to the controlled factory environment, which in turn sees a reduction in build times, onsite debris and disruptions to patients, staff and local residents.

A condensed project delivery time and the minimisation of site disruption are not the only motivation for using modular construction. To stay at the forefront of healthcare design and remain relevant to patients’ needs, savvy healthcare providers, developers and contractors are using offsite modular construction to their advantage.

At Hornsby Ku-Ring-Gai Hospital, Health Infrastructure NSW adjusted their approach in order to achieve better short-term and long-term results. Working alongside Richard Crookes Construction, Modscape constructed additional ward rooms as a temporary solution while the refurbishment of the existing facility is undertaken. Once the five-year refurbishment project is complete, the modules will be relocated to a different area where they will become part of the permanent facility.


When parents think of prefabricated classrooms they’re often filled with memories of freezing winters, boiling summers and weaving through the cramped spaces of old ‘portables’. Fortunately, the prefabricated building technology has come a long way and the modular classrooms of today offer permanent, modern design with open, adaptive, high-quality spaces.

Modscape’s modular classrooms draw heavily on modern learning theory, recognising different learning goals require different approaches, and that classrooms need to be capable of evolving and adapting as educational practices evolve. These spaces support the premise that teaching and learning is collaborative, and that reflections and inquiries are shared.

This new breed of smart classroom design can be fulfilled to full effect thanks to the benefits of prefabrication and Modscape’s modular systems and design approach. High-performing acoustic panelling and double-glazed windows are used in forward-thinking volumetric steel-frame modules, which create comfortable and flexible learning environments. This, coupled with the additional upfront design hours, greater engineering, less time for offsite construction, reduced onsite disruption and tighter control of costs, ensures the permanent modular classrooms of today create a viable and attractive option for education providers.


Our approach to design is very site specific and all of our off-site built homes are centred around sustainable design principles and a client’s specific project requirements. Our in-house design team of architects, draftspeople and interior designers work together to create homes that blend the client’s desired living needs with council requirements.

Our team works collaboratively with clients to put forward desired finish options based on individual design preference and budget. There’s no set list or limited suppliers to choose from – clients can select anything their design dreams desire. Design and finish options are limitless – but what is certain is that every design is the result of our design team’s genuine collaboration with you.

Because we know the exact amount of materials needed to construct your off-site built home, the trades needed to construct them and how long they will take, we can provide a fixed upfront price. This will give clients peace of mind that there aren’t going to be any cost overruns.

To discuss how we can deliver your next off-site construction project, please feel free to contact us on 03 9316 6000 or