Periscope Tower

  • July 26th, 2016

Located on the shore of a man-made lake near Seinäjoki, western Finland, stands a stunningly simple prefabricated wooden tower offering a spectacular view of the surrounds. But the real beauty of the tower lies in its viewing platform options.

Whether you decide to trek the stairs to the top or stay on the banks of the lake, you are guaranteed the same bird’s eye view thanks to a series of large mirrors forming a periscope.

Tilted at just the right angle, the mirrors transform the tower into a periscope and allow those who are unwilling or unable to climb the opportunity to experience the same perspective.

Designed by Helsinki-based firm, OOPEAA, the tower has an inner core made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) that forms the frame for the extra-large periscope. The staircase spirals up and around its inner core concluding at a balcony deck boasting views out across the lake. Larch battens, spaced apart, frame different snippets of the lake and surrounding landscape as one makes the climb.

The prefabricated lakeside tower forms part of a wider development project for reshaping the lakeshore and will be connected to a network of recreational paths, accessible to everyone. A perfect example of design brilliance breaking down accessibility barriers.