Prefabricated Mountain Cabin

Perching precariously on the rocky cliffs of Mount Kanin in Slovenia rests this charming prefabricated cabin designed to protect hikers and mountaineers from the strong rainstorms and extreme snow fall the mountain is infamously known for.

OFIS Arhitekti designed the shelter as a response to the harsh conditions of rain, wind, snow and landslides but maintained it should have minimal impact to the ground. The particular site was selected because of its spectacular 360-degree view over Slovenia and Italy to the Adriatic Sea. 

Whilst beautiful in nature, the challenge for this site is accessibility.  Accessible only by climbing or by helicopter, the shelter was constructed in modules, prefabricated offsite.  The modules were designed in accordance to the maximum weight and equilibrium limits so it could easily be airlifted by the Slovenian army. OFIS were well accustomed to the challenges and constraints of this project as they had previously created a similar cabin on Slovenia’s Skuta Mountain.

The tiny cabin has a narrow floor plan and contains three floor resting platforms that face towards the valley through a large panoramic window.

A destination for hikers, climbers, cavers, mountaineers, nature lovers and romantics alike, we love this prefab beauty.