Project: Modscape

Each month we feature one of our recently completed projects. This month however, we’ve decided to feature where those projects are designed and constructed – our Modscape factory and office.

We operate from a facility in Brooklyn which includes an impressive factory that was once an operational foundry.

The factory is where all of the Modscape modules are constructed, and its environment ensures a rigorous level of quality control is achieved.


Doing all of the construction indoors also means that the risk of weather and site delays is eliminated and that projects, both residential and commercial, are delivered within their agreed timescales.

Attached to the factory is the home of the Modscape team and this is where the project design happens. The team combine their extensive experience in the design, development and construction industries to create our modular masterpieces, overseeing projects from design right through to installation.

Our display suite is also here, so next time you are in the neighbourhood let us know and we can give you a tour.