Project: Portsea

  • September 5th, 2017

In the coastal suburb of Portsea, Victoria stands this striking modular home which looks as impressive today as it did when it was installed over five years ago.

Part of our design philosophy is to create contemporary spaces that not only look beautiful and are functional, but also possess a long lifespan and continue to adapt and grow with their surrounding environments. The Portsea home is a great illustration of this – the coastal beauty continues to age gracefully over time. 

As a weekender and holiday home, relaxation is key. The simple dark form is fuss-free and requires very little maintenance. Due to the slope of the site, the rear of the house sits on the ground with the front rising high on its footings. Pacific Teak timber battens discreetly hide the footings from view and will continue to silver, dampening and softening the boldness of the once-bright timber.

Consisting of just four modules, the efficient four-bedroom home evolved from a response to the site and the challenge of accommodating the needs of multiple generations within a modest footprint and budget.

Holiday life is centred around the pool and the outdoor living spaces, all of which are orientated north. The large deck and pool become an extension of the sleek kitchen and living area thanks to a bank of glass sliding doors. Its positioning has allowed it to become a place to relax in the sun, a gathering place to enjoy the company of friends and a perfect position to keep an eye on the kids at the same time.

The bedroom wing is not only efficient from a modular point of view, but creates a natural separation from the living zone. The master bedroom incorporates a private balcony – a welcome retreat when all the kids and grandkids come to stay.

The interior material palette is modest and is limited to a small number of material finishes. Modscape’s Standard Specifications were selected for a number of internal finishes for their robustness, quality and timelessness.

The practice of quality material selection, coupled with the strong steel frame construction, promotes longevity, guaranteeing the enjoyment of the home for many generations to come.