The Building With A Rollercoaster Roof: The Wave

Along the south-east coast of Denmark is the town of Vejle – a region made distinct by its rolling hills in a country largely dominated by overwhelmingly flat terrain.

Located at the head of a fjord, Vejle also has a rich history as a port town, with the river supporting many of the region’s flourishing industries including textile manufacture and fishing. Situated right by the water is an architectural reflection of the surrounding undulation of land and sea: the Wave, a multi-residential apartment building designed by Henning Larsen.


Architecture: Henning Larsen

Photography: Jacob Due

Visible from rail, road and ocean, the unique 15,000sqm building features 105 luxury apartments and a rollercoaster-like roof with five steep peaks and drops between. Along its eastern edge is an open, public waterside promenade, which establishes and retains a strong connection between the apartments, the town and the fjord.

Meanwhile, the height and form of the building provides the apartments with a clear link to the water with unobstructed views across the promenade beyond. At the right light, the dramatic rise and fall of the building envelope is reflected in the water, connecting the three entities even further.

Aesthetically, the Wave is unequivocally unique, however it is also special in its warm consideration of locale and embrace of the community, its history and landscape.

With its unorthodox design, the project has become one of Vejle’s most significant landmarks and has also been recognised by various awards, including both the prestigious LEAF Awards and the Civic Trust Awards.