A Ski Lodge With The Functionality Of A Ship’s Cabin

A Hotel Revier guest sitting on a bed and looking out the window at the mountainous view beyond.

Nestled in a Swiss alpine valley and surrounded by over 200km of ski slopes is the Revier – a modular hotel by Carlos Martinez Architects.

Constructed off-site using CLT (cross-laminated timber), each of the 96 rooms was craned in as a prefabricated module, all joining together in record time to form the five-storey hotel building.

With a mountainous forest at its rear and the undulating shoreline of the Heidsee Lake at its front, the hotel was required to work within an unconventional long, thin site. As a result, the building takes on a lengthy format, which also serves to amplify the views from the accommodation spaces.

Each room is minimal and compact, featuring a wall-to-wall large bed and full-height window that faces out to the water, which glimmers in the warmer months and freezes up in winter, becoming an expanse of crisp snow surrounded by white-tipped fir trees.

Downstairs, on the ground-floor level is a communal area for skiers and snowboarders to come together and eat, drink and relax after a day on the slopes. With a lobby, bar and restaurant, as well as a winter sports and bike storage room, this level provides visitors with everything they need for a comfortable stay in one place.

“The hotel skillfully combines the atmosphere of a mountain hut with the freedom of a camper and the functionality of a ship’s cabin,” say the architects. 

Due to this major advantage, Marriott International has dedicated itself to utilising modular in 40% of its future hotel projects. The hotel giant is currently working on the tallest modular hotel in the world – a $64 million, 26-storey tower that will be erected in just 90 days, thanks to its modular build method. Located in New York, it is set to open later this year and will include 168 rooms and a bar at its rooftop.

“This hotel takes every advantage of off-site manufacturing,” says Danny Forster, whose firm, Danny Forster & Architecture, designed the project. “We wanted to demonstrate that modular building can do more than just harness the efficiencies of the factory. It can produce a graceful and iconic tower. And yes, it can do so at the rate of an entire floor a day.”

See how quickly the Revier Hotel was able to come together, from factory to installation below.

Hotel Revier sitting amongst snow-capped fir trees
Hotel Revier surrounded by snow and fir trees.