Using Solar Blinds For A More Sustainable Home

Solar Panels for sustainable homes

Although solar power is becoming more and more accessible for households, they can entirely impractical if you don’t own your own home or if you live in an apartment building. With this common problem in mind SolarGaps is the smart solution for those who can’t install a full rooftop solar system, but want to harness solar power to reduce their carbon footprint and their household energy bills and have a more sustainable house.

SolarGaps smart blinds are photovoltaic solar panel window blinds that automatically track the sun throughout the day, adjusting position to the optimal angle to harness the suns energy. From a design point of view they look like traditional window blinds, come in Silver or Black, multiple sizes and can be easily fitted to any internal or external window face. The promise is that by replacing your current window furnishings with SolarGaps you should expect to save up to 70% on your energy bill, thus SolarGaps pay for themselves over time.

Beyond your household savings there are other perks to using SolarGaps. Like conventional solar panels any energy surplus can either be stored or sold. You may choose to:

  • Consume energy – Included is a SolarGaps dock that allows you to charge and power devices within your home or office.
  • Battery storage – By storing surplus energy in a battery, you can reduce your energy bill by consuming stored energy during peak hours when rates are higher.
  • Sell to grid – With a two-way meter from your utility company, you can sell your surplus energy by supplying it to the power grid during the day when the demand and price is higher.

The final hook for the Modscape team is that like any modern invention, SolarGaps comes with a smartphone app so you can control and monitor the blinds performance. Although still in funding phase, SolarGaps seems to have opened up the window to green energy and sustainable homes for everyone.

Solar Panels for sustainable homes
Solar Panels for sustainable homes
Solar Panels for sustainable houses