Things We Love: A Brighter Future For Automobiles

In 2021, just 29% of Australia’s total electricity generation was from renewable energy sources – primarily made up of solar (12%), wind (10%) and hydro (6%) – while the rest came from fossil fuels. While electric automobiles are better for the environment than petroleum fuelled cars, they’re still running on energy mostly generated using non-renewable energy.

California-based tech company, Humble Motors, is working to change this with their new solar electric vehicle – the Humble One SUV.

The SUV use solar panels to generate energy and produce around 96 km of range every day. The solar panels are seamlessly integrated into the roof and windows of the vehicle so you can recharge on the move, or while stuck in traffic. Combining clever uses of strong (yet light) materials like aluminium, high strength steel and carbon fibre have cut the Humble One’s body and chassis weight in half, requiring less power to get it moving – a lighter solar vehicle meaning an increase in overall range and more freedom.

At Modscape, we’re constantly evaluating our materials and processes to ensure we’re operating in the most sustainable and efficient way in our quest for a greener and cleaner future. We’re inspired by Humble Motors for taking a product that’s already good – the electric car – and, harnessing the power of the sun, making it even better – a solar powered electric car.