Things We Love: Off-grid Living

This month we are loving the new video by on off-grid living – featuring our very own Tintaldra project.

The Tintaldra home is situated on a vast property on the southern banks of the Murray River and serves as a minimalist retreat, offering a secluded yet intimate existence from which the surrounding environment can be observed and revered.

When viewed from the road the cabin recedes into the landscape, looking like any number of sheds in the area and appearing as a small silhouette against the main range of snowy mountains on the horizon.

In the video both the client, Ian Cesa, and our managing director, Jan Gyrn, discuss the thought process behind the design. Orientation was crucial as the home needs to take advantage of the sun and breeze to passively heat and cool the home.

A bank of solar panels generates the home’s energy, creating more than enough for the efficient home to run comfortably. Water is drawn from the Murray River via a solar pump to supply the home’s water, while a septic tank deals with wastewater on-site.

We love all of our projects, but this is truly one of our favourites and this video does a brilliant job of showing why. We hope you enjoy 2.27 minutes stunning scenery and beautiful sustainable design.