Things We Love: Supporting The Next Generation

It’s no secret – we love creativity and innovation. They are two of our key brand values and they inspire and direct the Modscape team each day in bringing our work to life. We firmly believe that when you are given a platform to be creative and innovative, great things can happen. And that’s why we have set up the Modscape Scholarship – to give a platform to the next generation of architects and designers and encourage their creativity and innovation.  

This year we’re asking students for ideas that bring the qualities of plug and play into the realm of construction. Ideas where the design (or elements of the design) behave like a component that can easily be delivered to site, and can quickly be assembled to form shelter. Architecture that can be bought like an item from a shop and built in a day, yet operates completely off-grid and protects its inhabitants from the natural elements.

If you are an Australian full-time undergraduate student majoring in Architecture, Interior Design or Industrial Design, we’d love you to submit your design idea. The winner will be awarded with a $5,000 scholarship to be used towards their study (criteria apply).