Things We Love: Korea’s Largest Anamorphic Illusion

A mesmerising and – in all senses of the word – awe-inspiring billboard has taken over Seoul’s K-Pop Square.

‘Wave’ by innovative digital media company d’strict occupies the largest outdoor advertising screen in the country, which is almost the size of four basketball courts, at a massive 80 x 20m.

d’strict has taken advantage of the billboard’s curved screen in order to create a 3D visual featuring waves crashing and churning against the “walls” of the space. Impressive detail is given to the flow of the water, the bubbles and colour changes occurring as the waves break.

Due to its anamorphic nature, the illusion can only be seen from a certain number of specific vantage points, and from other angles, it doesn’t work. However walking a few more steps to see the visuals sure is worth it.

The billboard in K-pop square, which has been referred to as the “Korean Times Square”, usually plays K-pop videos, advertisements, public content and artwork.

This isn’t d’strict’s first foray into ocean-inspired digital art though. Earlier in the year, it created a similar, smaller scale (30x7m) version of ‘Wave’ in Seoul’s Nexen R & D Center. The installation, named ‘Infinity Wall’, was selected as the winner of 2020’s IF Design Award’s Interior Architecture category. “d’strict was tasked with a redesign of Nexen UniverCity’s lobby space into a public media space that would have a powerful impact…. [The] images attest to the infinite potential of Nexen Tires and creates a highly emotionally charged atmosphere that sets an exciting tone inside the building,” said the judges.

The implication of the “#1” on the title of d’strict’s ‘Wave’ video implies that there are more illusions to come, so keep your eye out.

Imagery and video courtesy of d’strict