Aesop Interiors

There are two things we love about skincare heavyweight Aesop: their trademark pharmaceutical-style products and their propensity for incredible store design. Both have enabled the Melbourne-born company to carve out a covetable brand career, but it’s their ‘no two stores are the same’ design philosophy – consistently expressed in their meticulously detailed interior schemes – that has created a somewhat cult following among design aficionados and appreciators alike . . .

Rather than work within the confines of a standard store model, each Aesop store is a direct response to the local streetscapes and vocabulary as a way of contextualising the brand. Given that the company now operates over 70 stores worldwide, it is amazing to think of the many ways in which the brand is articulated.

Behind the variations in textures, colour palettes and facades exists customer accessibility and understated minimalism, two signature elements that are realised in every store, regardless of the architect or location. From one designer to another, these are things we can certainly appreciate.

As a testament to the whimsical and inspiring spaces Aesop designs, international design magazine Dezeen has developed an archive of Aesop stores for design fans. However, if you’re after a real life Aesop fix, then we recommend popping into one of their local stores and experiencing it for yourself.